Training & Development at South Oakland A’s

At the South Oakland A’s, we take pride in our comprehensive baseball training programs, led by a team of top-tier instructors, catering to every aspect of the game.

After-School Program:

Kicking off in early September and culminating with the onset of the high school baseball season in March, our after-school program covers everything from pitching and throwing techniques, hitting drills, to specialized baseball strength training. Initially tailored for our South Oakland A’s players, we’ve opened a limited number of spots for external players. Interested? Reach out to reserve your spot or learn more.

Team Development:

Understanding the game is multifaceted; sometimes even the most seasoned coaches might need support in specific areas. Our expert instructors step in to bridge any gaps, enhancing the knowledge of both players and coaches.

Group Training:

For those seeking quality training at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions, our group training is ideal. It also creates a supportive environment, allowing young players to learn alongside peers they’re comfortable with.

Individual Lessons:

Baseball is an ever-evolving sport, and our instructors are in sync with its latest nuances. For cutting-edge, personalized training sessions, you won’t find a better fit than the South Oakland A’s team. Rates differ per instructor, so inquire today.

For questions or to setup training please contact us here.

We want to thank our sponsors for supporting our players and helping to make our season possible!