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Youth age group (8-12)

$250 per hitter

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

September 14,16, 21, 23, 28, 30 (Every Tuesday and Thursday starting September 14th.)

Get a look into the SOA hitting program.

Learn our warmup hitting series

Learn basics of properly loading and hitting “through” the baseball

Count competitions

Upper Age Group (13-18)

$250 each per hitter

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Sep 14,16, 21, 23, 28, 30 (Every Tuesday and Thursday starting September 14th.)

Warm-up hitting series

Understanding “the back hip” 

How to be on time with all speeds
Bi-weekly competition days. (working on exit velocity and count leverage.)

Training and Instruction

The South Oakland A’s have an excellent staff of instructors for all aspects of baseball training. We have different levels of training from our after-school training programs to private lessons.

After-School Program:

The after-school program starts in early September and runs until the start of the high school baseball season in March. The program includes pitching and throwing development, hitting, and baseball-specific strength training. This program is designed for South Oakland A’s players but is offered to a select number of players from outside of the organization. To reserve your spot or to inquire contact us here.

Team Training:

Oftentimes coaches have great knowledge in certain aspects of the game but may lack that same knowledge in another area. Our depth of quality instructors can help teach not only the athletes but also the coaches about any aspect in need.

Group Training:

Group training is an excellent way to get high-quality training, without paying the full price of an individual lesson. It also sets up a comfortable atmosphere where your son or daughter can train with other peers they feel at ease to train with.

Individual Lessons:

The game of baseball is always evolving, and the instructors here are always staying up to date with those changes. If you want the most innovative training in the area, then look no further than South Oakland A’s staff. Prices vary with each instructor.

For questions or to setup training please contact us here.

We want to thank our sponsors for supporting our players and helping to make our season possible!